Our Story

Hattori Tea Farm has been dedicated to tea production and sales for four generations since 1905.

Producing organic, pesticide-free tea requires a lot of cultivation and management, but as time went on, the demand for these teas kept increasing.

Because of the demanding nature of organic tea production and the aging population of tea farmers, tea farms became increasingly abandoned.

This is why we decided to cultivate genuine organic tea and launched a project to build an integrated distribution system from cultivation to production and sales.

Committed to Creating Organic, Pesticide-free Tea

Cultivating organic, pesticide-free tea meant a slow and heavy start-up in the first three years. Nevertheless, we persevered to establish organic farming methods through trial and error without being bound by conventional methods.

Later, as we expanded our sales channels overseas, we learned about the demand for organic, sustainable, and environmentally friendly ideas, so we developed a method utilizing solar panels on the shelves, the first of its kind in the tea industry.

Despite doubts coming from the community around us, saying that the tea trees would die or that we would not be able to harvest the tea, we installed the first solar panels on a 1a field, and the tea leaves thrived. We now have seven tea fields (1ha) with solar panels.

Solar Energy Paving Way for a New Generation of Tea Farmers

Solar panels generate clean energy and serve as a shelter to protect the tea trees from frost and drought. In addition, we can improve our work’s efficiency by supplying electricity to farm work that used to be done manually. This is precisely what the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are all about.

We also had the opportunity to convey the joy of tea farming to local elementary and junior high school students. We worked with them to replant tea trees and garner interest in tea cultivation, paving the way for a hopeful future in the tea industry.

We find satisfaction in making and selling organic and sustainable tea that people are happy with. We hope that we can contribute to the development of a healthy and sustainable society through Japanese tea.

Mr. and Mrs. Hattori

Hattori Tea Farm’s Brand Promise

Hattori Tea Farm’s Brand Promise

  1. We will continue to provide the highest quality organic tea from Japan.
  2. We will provide knowledge based on experience.
  3. We use sustainable production systems such as solar-powered tea farms.
  4. We will continue to challenge ourselves to make unique teas.
  5. We will contribute to the future of the Japanese (Shizuoka) tea industry with high-quality tea.