Would you like to sell high quality teas from sustainable farms under your private label?
High quality and authentic tea products that will make people happy with real tea filled with messages from the fields.
If you are interested in private labeling, please read the order process and conditions below and apply.


  • Step1 Account Registrarion

    You need to create an account to order. 
    Please apply from Product Inquiry after logging in.

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  • Step2 Order

    First, please fill out the order form on the product-in-kind page and let us know your preferences regarding the "cultivation method (pesticide-free/organic)" and "container" of the product in question.

    We will send a message after confirmation.

  • Step3 Decide your Product Details

    Determine the details of your order, such as raw materials, containers (including labels), content volume, and quantity (lot). Please check the private label requirements below.

  • Step4 Quotation and Payment confirmation

    We will send you a quotation once we have decided on the contents of the product.

    Once we receive your approval and confirm your payment, we will start manufacturing the product.

  • Step5 Production

    About two weeks are required to complete the production cycle.

    *During peak season, production may take more than two weeks.

    *Delivery time may be extended depending on the arrival of material.

  • Step6 Delivery of Product

    We will forward products to your designated location.

    *Please ensure you have the full address.

    *Please be advised that customers are charged for the taxes and shipping costs.


  • Matcha /Sencha /Gyokuro/ GABA Gyokuro /Kaoricha/ Genmaicha /Houjicha/ Powder


    〈For those who haven’t decided on the raw materials to be used.〉

    Please try the sample products first.

  • container

    Bag, Tin, Stick, Bulk, Tea bag, individually wrapped tea bag.
    *Biodegradable containers are also available.

  • Bag-Printed-bag


    Printed bag
    *Biodegradable containers are also available.

  • Bag-Put-sticker-on-bag


    Put sticker on bag
    *Biodegradable containers are also available.

  • Tin


    Label only

    Label size: "38mm (height) x 188mm (girth) x 211mm (glue margin)"

    *The size is available upon request.

  • Stick


    Plain stick or Printed stick(Original)
    *The sticks are available in 25 mm and 35 mm widths.
    *Biodegradable containers are also available.

  • Tea Bag

    Tea Bag

    Original tea bag with tag or without tag.
    *Biodegradable containers are also available.

  • Individually-Wrapped-Tea-Bag-single-color-printing

    Individually Wrapped Tea Bag

    Original single color printing.
    *Biodegradable containers are also available.

  • Individually-Wrapped-Tea-Bag full-color-printing

    Individually Wrapped Tea Bag

    Original full color printing.
    *Biodegradable containers are also available.

  • Original bag MOQ: Direct printing is available from 3,000 pieces

    Original sticker MOQ: 1,000 sheets

    Original Tin’s  Sticker MOQ: 1,000 sheets

    Plain Stick MOQ: 10,000 pieces

    Printed stick(Original) MOQ: 50,000 pieces

    Tea Bag

     Original tea bag with tagMOQ: 20,000 tea bags

     without tag MOQ: 1,000 tea bags

    Individually Wrapped Tea Bag

     Original Single color printing OMQ: 1,000 tea bags

     Original full color printing MOQ: 5,000 tea bags

  • Bag: With zipper (stand) or without zipper

  • Bag: 20g to 1kg range (in 1g increments)

    Can: 30gonly

    Stick: 1g to 3g range (in 0.1g increments)

    Bulk: 20kg (in units of 20kg)

    Tea Bag: 2g to 10g range (in 0.5g increments)

    Tea Bag individual packaging: 2g to 10g range (in 0.5g increments)

    *Biodegradable containers are also available.

  • Bag MOQ: 10kg

    Tins: 210 thins~ (210 thins unit)

    Stick MOQ: 10,000 pieces

    Bulk: 1 case or more

    Tea bag MOQ: 1,000 tea bags

    Tea Bag individual packaging MOQ: 1,000 tea bags

Inquiry and Quotation

  • Notes

    *We can manufacture and deliver prototypes in order to see the color with your own eyes. 

    *The cost of the test sample will be your fee. 

     *If you want an original design, please prepare your design as soon as possible.

    *It will take about one to one and a half months to manufacture the product after the design is decided.

    *If there is a high volume of orders, the delivery date may be extended.

    *Biodegradable containers are also available.

Please feel free to contact us.

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