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Sample Order

We have a buyers only page. If you are not registered yet, click here and create a new account. We offer you a wide variety of matcha, sencha, hojicha, and other teas. You can quickly and easily access from this page.

Study Program

Would you like to visit our farm and learn more about green tea with us? You can enjoy planting in March and tea harvest in April and May through hands-on learning. From April to May, you may experience the traditional tea-making process “Temomi (tea rolling by hand).”

Analyze Your Matcha

Feel free to bring a matcha of yours for analysis and comparison with our matcha.

 *This service is limited to customers having business transactions with us.

 *There may be an analysis charge when the quantity of matcha exceeds an analysis limit.

Tea Workshop Seminar

Following your transactions, we can visit you to conduct a seminar about tea.


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