We cultivate twelve varieties of tea with great care, analyzing the composition of each to provide suitable products.

  • Samidori

    Samidori Tea: Light Green Color, Sweet Taste, and High Amino Acid Content

    The Samidori variety is an indigenous species of Uji tea grown in Kyoto Prefecture and is used as a standard product of Uji Matcha. The impressive bright green color and flavor is first class, with a refreshing aftertaste that is easy to drink.

    【Suitable product】Matcha

  • Okumidori

    Okumidori Tea: Gentle & Easy-to-Drink, Beautiful Green Color with High Chlorophyll Content, Non-Bitter

    This variety, created in Shizuoka Prefecture, is a cross between Shizuoka Native No. 16 and Yabukita. It was made as a sencha (green tea) variety, but it has a high chlorophyll content characteristic of matcha and gyokuro. The high chlorophyll content gives it its beautiful color.

    【Suitable product】Matcha・GABA Gyokuro・Gyokuro・Sencha

  • Saemidori

    Saemidori Tea: Refreshing Taste, Vibrant Light Green Color, Non-Bitter

    Saemidori is a high-grade variety of tea that is a cross between Yabukita and Asatsuyu. Its color is a clear, bright green, with a sweet, refreshing aroma free of bitterness.

    【Suitable product】Matcha・GABA Gyokuro・Gyokuro・Sencha

  • Kurasawa

    Kurasawa Tea: One of a Kind Matcha Exclusive to Hattori Tea Farm

    This tea was refined in Kurasawa, Kikugawa City, in Shizuoka. Our original matcha is the only one made from the Kurasawa variety in Japan. It is an all-purpose matcha, but it has a distinct floral flavor when wilted a little.

    【Suitable product】Matcha・Sencha

  • Asahi

    Asahi Tea: A Rare Variety You'll Be Lucky to Try

    This high-grade Uji matcha is a rare variety seldom seen in Shizuoka, delivering a mellow sweetness and elegant taste. It is primarily known for its high GABA and theanine levels, even when made into gyokuro.

    【Suitable product】Matcha・GABA Gyokuro・Gyokuro

  • Gokou

    Goku Tea: Dark Green & Full-bodied, with Good Balance of Sweetness
    This indigenous Uji variety has a distinct aroma and taste characteristic of matcha and gyokuro tea. We grow this organically, so it's a rare and valuable variety that yields a smaller harvest.

    【Suitable product】Gyokuro・Matcha

  • Meiryoku green tea leaves.


    Meiryoku Tea: Cool Color and sweet aroma—Ideal for GABA Gyokuro
    This cross between the dark green Hayabukita and the mellow aroma of the Yamato Midori teas has a beautiful color with a sweet, grainy aroma. We also use it in our GABA Gyokuro teas for its balance and flavor.
    【Suitable product】GABA Gyokuro・Gyokuro・Sencha

  • Yabukita

    Yabukita Tea: Now Even More Delicious Thanks to Newly Developed Cultivation & Production Practices
    The Yabukita variety, created by Hikosaburo Sugiyama, dominates 97% of Shizuoka tea production, often called the king of sencha—both savory and aromatic. Despite its low amino acids and high catechins, we have developed a method of production that makes it perfect not only for matcha and gyokuro but also for GABA gyokuro.

    【Suitable product】Sencha・Matcha・Gyokuro・GABA Gyokuro

  • Koushun green tea leaves.


    Koushun Tea: Fragrant Tea with a Sweet Flowery Aroma

    We crossed this tea between the Kurasawa and Kanaya Midori varieties, giving it a clean, flowery aroma with a sweet hint of honey.
    【Suitable product】Kaori Sencha・Sencha

  • Fushun green tea leaves.


    Fushun Tea: Wilted with a Gentle Aroma & Refreshing Flavor

    A cross between Z1 and Kanaya Midori developed for sencha, it has a mild, unique aroma with a refreshing, gentle flavor.
    【Suitable product】Kaori Sencha・Sencha・Gyokuro

  • Kanaya Midori green tea leaves.

    Kanaya Midori

    Kanaya Midori Tea: Makes a Fragrant Tea with a Unique Milky Flavor
    A cross between Shizuoka native No. 6 and Yabukita, it has a distinct milky flavor and many anti-allergy ingredients.

    【Suitable product】Kaori Sencha・Sencha・Gyokuro

  • Sayama Kaori green tea leaves.

    Sayama Kaori

    Sayama Kaori Tea: Makes a Fragrant Tea with Unique & Distinctively Citrus Aroma
    A natural hybrid of Yabukita in Sayama City, Saitama Prefecture, with a solid citrusy aroma.

    【Suitable product】Kaori Sencha・Sencha・Matcha・Gyokuro・GABA Gyokuro