We introduce how we prepare our teas.
It’s worth watching our sustainable farm integrating a traditional shield process with a near-futuristic workflow automation system.

How Tencha is made

This is how to prepare ground green tea (called "Tencha"), a raw material of this matcha.

How Aracha (Unrefined Tea) Is Made

Fresh tea leaves are steamed, rolled, dried to prepare crude tea called Aracha. By making tea from crude tea, various types of tea are produced, such as green tea, stem tea, and powdered tea.

How Hand Roll Tea (Temomi Cha) Is Made

Sencha (ordinary green tea) techniques have been developed based on traditional hand-rolling skills. The temomi process for making sencha is not used nowadays because machines do all the work. However, the tradition is still kept alive.

Sustainable Farming - Grown under Solar Panels

By installing solar panels on the fields and automating the shading nets, we have achieved "smart agriculture" friendly to people. Organic farming is used to create soil that is friendly to the environment.

Harvesting Japanese Tea

“Harvesting tea leaves in farms from such a fertile soil.”

How Japanese Tea Is Made

This video shows the process from cultivation through harvest to preparing final products. High-quality tea leaves are grown under solar panels.