1. We will comply with laws and regulations related to food safety, and other requirements agreed by Ryutsu Service Co., Ltd.
  2. We will accurately grasp the factors that affect food, set specific food safety goals that contribute to maintaining food safety and strive to achieve them.
  3. We will regularly monitor and review our food safety management system and strive to continuously improve it.
  4. We strive to protect food from all internal and external malicious harm.
  5. We do not allow food fraud and build a system to prevent it.
  6. We will endeavor to develop and support human resources to practice the above. 
  7. We will document this food safety policy, make it known to all employees and everyone who works for us, and make it publicly available.


October 1st, 2021 (Reiwa 2nd)

Yoshiaki Hattori
Ryutsu Service Co., Ltd.